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CCF Reaches Out To Kids With Cancer

A Friend told the mother of a child with cancer to Call CCF

A Volusia County mother saw that her daughter couldn’t walk in a straight line when she was only 6 years old. She took her to a pediatrician. She wasn’t getting any better and was taken to another doctor who diagnosed a stage-four brain tumor (medulloblastoma). She needed both chemotherapy and radiation. Eventually, the mom sought treatment at Nemours Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.

She was told about Childhood Cancer Foundation, Inc. and called director, Don Hill. Don came to see her that day and following up with a check to help with rent, gas cards, overnight accommodations at Ronald McDonald house, gifts and moral support.

Every time this fearful mother called Don with updates on her daughter’s treatment he provided help and support from the Children’s Cancer Foundation.



Sometimes Every Family Member is Stressed
We try to make it easier for them

A boy named Elijah’s story began with pain in his hands and discomfort in his eyes. The 5-year-old was so tired he came home from school exhausted. Emergency visits to the hospital did not stop the disease. He developed a fever and was anemic. He was finally diagnosed with leukemia in his spine.

It was a dark day for the family when they received the news. Elijah’s mother met Don Hill in the waiting area at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. She turned toward him and spoke – seeking some comfort, even though he was a total stranger. She didn’t know what an Angel he is.

Don began helping Elijah in April of 2007 beginning with gas cards to help his family take him to treatment 16 times a month until October, 2007. Ethan received 2 bone marrow transplants plus surgery. During this critical time, the family was frightened and distraught. CCF was the only thing they could turn to at times.



Up To 100 Kids’ And Families Are Helped Each Year

Stories like these play out over 100 times each year as CCF tirelessly reaches out to child victims and their families. Every resource of the organization goes to give comfort and solace to Don’s…

CCF provides End of Chemo parties each year, Birthday parties, Christmas in July events, face painting, clowns, visits to ice cream parlors and restaurants, and computers. They try to fulfill all requests from individual patients when they can. We never turn a child or family away. If their needs exceed, or are outside our ability to be effective, we may refer families to other resources. We always follow up to be sure problems are solved where possible. Recently the board of CCF voted to allow special circumstances to kids who fall into the cracks and don’t qualify for aid. Sometime their maximum support from CCF has been exceeded, or they have had a birthday that makes them older than our qualification allows. We never let a child down. In many cases, we start looking for other services to supplant what we can do and offer some counseling to parents.

CCF is only able to expand our help because of the generosity of our supporters. Your help last year (2011) enabled us to do more to help our kids than ever before. We couldn’t do it without you.

Don continues to help others in the face of his own challenges. He has enough love and energy to make positive efforts for his beloved kids. To hear him speak about CCF is extremely inspiring. He spreads hope and sunshine wherever he goes. He is encouraged by his faith and the generosity of CCF supporters. One mother says, “Just ask for help. The (CCF) Foundation will help; ask for help from family, friends and strangers. “In the beginning, you don’t know what you’ll need.”

If you know a Volusia family that has a child who recently received a diagnosis of cancer or blood disorder call CCF 386.747.3857. Email CCF at

Sometimes Don is asked to give comfort and support to families of kids who are losing or have lost their battle against cancer. Don Hill gives all of this sympathy and support personally. We never call on an outside group to help us but we coordinate our efforts with other agencies. CCF works one on one with our kids and their families. Sometimes we cry with joy, and sometimes there are tears of sadness. We recently helped a family who could not afford to lay their child to rest and we were helped by a local funeral home who made sure they could have a beautiful service.

You can help by following one or our donation programs. We guarantee 90% plus goes in funding and service to our young cancer victims. It takes a strong and dedicated person to work every day for others in the face of such sadness and tragedy. Join us and strengthen our ability to fulfill our purpose.