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Our Story

Who – We are Childhood Cancer Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support to families with children (19 and under) that have been diagnosed with cancer. Childhood Cancer Foundation, Inc. was founded in August of 2004 by Charles “Don” Hill and 3 friends to help families in need. Our mission is as follows:

We are committed to ensuring that no one has to

face the diagnosis of childhood cancer alone,

and secondly, we provide financial assistance to

childhood cancer families during the most

difficult time of their lives.

We have grown to have many board members from a variety of local businesses who have a passion for helping families in need.

What – What do we do? We help in any way possible. We help the children, the moms, the dads the sisters the brothers. We help the family who has a child that has been diagnosed with cancer. We pay electric bills, we buy groceries, and we buy clothes, shoes, gas cards, help pay for lodging at Ronald McDonald Home. We pay for car repairs or help find transportation. We help pay for funeral expenses. We buy birthday, Christmas and End of Treatment gifts. We provide lunches for those in the hospital (to all three hospitals) not just to provide an alternative to hospital food, but to give the children suffering something fun and positive to focus on. We hold their hands and dry their tears. We listen and we hug. We do whatever we can to help.

When – Once a child has been diagnosed with cancer until they are in remission, reach the age of 20 or pass away we will support the family (as long as they remain in Volusia County). We give assistance when they ask for it – for gas money or electric bill. We are available all year round. We will also refer families to other sources of assistance if we know they can help, charitable organizations, Medicaid, and local churches. All monies raised stays within Volusia County.

Where – We help families that live in our community. Specifically, we help families that live in Volusia County, Florida in Central Florida. We provide assistance in all three hospitals which are located in Orlando (Nemours, Arnold Palmer, Florida Hospital) therefore, most of our families must travel anywhere from 25 – 65 miles for treatment.

Why – Because fighting cancer is a battle and there are multiple “fronts”. Some organizations are fighting the disease with treatment, trying to find a cure, raise awareness, and get funding to help with research and development. We help the victims, the families that are being crushed by this disease. Most times, at least one parent loses their job. Single parent families go from just-getting-by to barely making it. We do it because no mother should have to choose between gas money to get their child to chemotherapy or paying the electric bill. As parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, and brothers, not one of us would want to have to face cancer alone. So we try to make sure no one has to.

The Childhood Cancer Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose programs & services are funded entirely by private donations, foundation grants, and corporate contributions. Your donations of time and financial assistance helps us to provide hope to the youngest cancer patients in Volusia County. EIN number: 20-0735170.