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Christmas Shopping Spree

Our Annual Christmas Shopping Spree is a special time for our families. Many families have multiple siblings, or are single parent homes, that struggle day-to-day and would not have a Christmas without your help. CCF works with Marshalls to give our families access to the store before it opens and we give them $200 to spend how they wish. Many families bring the kids and let them choose. The kids are so amazing! They usually pick one or two things for themselves – then it’s all about the family! They shop for Moms and Dads, for brothers & sisters and some for their favorite nurse!

Sometimes the kids are in the hospital and mom (or grandma) comes to shop for them.  It is a heartwarming and humbling day that bring joy to everyone. It is one of our favorite events and we would not be able to do it without your help!

Our sincere THANKS to Marshalls for their continued support! Please visit Marshalls at The Pavilion in Port Orange!

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